Tree Awamutu Guidelines

Here are some simple ideas and guidelines to help you prepare your tree for our Christmas Tree Forest.

Previous tree Awamutu Examples:

  • a large tree that included cans of food (which were donated)
  • a tree with handprints of children at a local school
  • a ladder containing technology
  • a pyramid of (new) nappies in boxes (which were donated)
  • car parts welded together to form a tree

The key aim of your tree should be to represent who you are and what Christmas means to you.


  • Your tree should be contained in an area no greater than 1.5 sqm.
  • You are only limited by your imagination as far as how crazy you want to go.
  • Try and contain a message in the presentation of your tree – the more subtle the better.
  • Think about engaging the public with intrigue… but be aware that small children will be looking and touching!
  • Power will be available for lighting (within moderation).  Please bring your own multi-board and extension lead.
  • The public will be voting for the Top Three Trees – think how you might win their vote!

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