Spiritual Gifts are a Blessing

Spiritual Gifts are a blessing from God that are given to demonstrate His great love for us.

In writing to the church in Corinth, and to us, Paul speaks in 1 Corinthians chapter 12 of the community of believers being like a body that functions well only when each part fulfills their function, and he is clear to specify that … Read More...


Receiving a Prophetic Word Well

How do you receive a prophetic word well?

What happens when you’re in an environment where the Spirit of God moves through someone and prophetic words are released?  Do you hide to make sure you’re not noticed?  Do you eyeball the person to gain their attention?  What is God doing?  Is this safe?  These are all questions that may race … Read More...

Your Perspective Affects What You See

Perspective is a funny thing.  Often, what you think you see is what you experience.

This past weekend we had a bunch of rain that kept many of us away from our summer activities – most likely grumbling to each other indoors!  Yes, the rain stopped me from finishing my chores at home in the garden.  Yes, the rain stopped … Read More...