spiritual health

Spiritual Health Check

Our Spiritual Health is vital to our faith.

Those who are purposely introspective will be the ones who grow the most.

The purpose of our session at School of the Spirit is to take a Spiritual Health Check.  We will be preparing for a summer devotional process that has been designed to help us grow spiritually.  You can download … Read More...

How To Maintain Focus

One of the main benefits of being part of an active lifegroup is doing life together and keeping in check with one another on a regular basis. However, without planning this can lead to the tendency to “drift” and respond, rather than be intentional about outcomes.

Sure, lifegroup should be fairly relaxed. But we mustn’t use this as an excuse … Read More...

Facilitation Skills 101

Facilitation Skills 101

How do you manage a healthy discussion without dominating it? I find this a common challenge for me personally as I’m someone who loves to talk and always thinks he has the right answers! (I know none of you other leaders have this challenge!)

Here are a couple of thoughts that help me. They may help you … Read More...

Build Real Friendships

What causes friendships to go “deep”?

I read an article recently that highlighted different ways we can use as lifegroup leaders to develop a depth to the friendships within the group. I’m sure you’re all doing life together filled with fun, friendship and fellowship. The article I’ve provided a link to gives us all a simple reminder of those basic … Read More...