Spiritual Health Check

spiritual health

Our Spiritual Health is vital to our faith.

Those who are purposely introspective will be the ones who grow the most.

The purpose of our session at School of the Spirit is to take a Spiritual Health Check.  We will be preparing for a summer devotional process that has been designed to help us grow spiritually.  You can download the Spiritual Health Check document at the bottom of this page.

Preparing for your Spiritual Health Check

Step 1:  Prayer of Admission

This prayer positions you before God, confessing your salvation and adoption.
Declare that Jesus Christ is your Saviour.

Step 1a:  Journal Practice

Write about your moment of salvation;

  • what led you to this life changing event?
  • how did you feel beforehand?
  • how did you feel afterward?
  • detail any significant moments.

Step 2:  Identify potential blockages

PRAY:  “Father God, is there any lie I am believing that might stop me from hearing your voice?”
– renounce the lie
– do not partner with any unclean spirit
– ask Father God to give you a Truth


Step 2a:  Journal Practice

  • How do I get close to God?
  • Where do I feel close to God?  (special place)
  • What helps me to feel connected?

Step 3:  Behaviour Change

ASK:  “Father God, is there anything I should stop doing to help me grow close to You this summer?

These steps are designed to help position you for the upcoming Spiritual Health Check.


Spiritual Health Check for you to print and complete.


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