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Phil Strong, Senior Leader, North End Church

At North End Church we desire to see people extended in their spiritual maturity. Often, to unlock our potential and step into the “more” that God has for us, we need to find the keys.

What is the biggest stumbling block for people seeking to follow God? It’s the choice we make in a moment to lead ourselves in a way that is not in line with God’s best.

Take Adam and Eve, for instance. The could see the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden and it was glorious. They could also see the Tree of Knowledge in the garden and it was very attractive. God’s message to them was clear, and yet in a moment of distraction and choice they made an error.

    • What is this error and how is it obvious in our lives?
    • How can we learn from the Bible so we can avoid making monumental mistakes?
    • What does God grant us through His grace to empower us?

Join us for teaching and activation that will strengthen you in the spirit as you partner with God’s Holy Spirit.

Download the worksheets here:

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Phil Strong

Senior Leader at North End Church
Phil is a dynamic leader who inspires others to pursue vision with passion.His communication style is clear and loud - you won't be left wondering what he thinks!
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