Indonesia October 2017


Your Perspective Affects What You See

Perspective is a funny thing.  Often, what you think you see is what you experience.

This past weekend we had a bunch of rain that kept many of us away from our summer activities – most likely grumbling to each other indoors!  Yes, the rain stopped me from finishing my chores at home in the garden.  Yes, the rain stopped … Read More...

Our Spiritual Health is vital to our faith.

Those who are purposely introspective will be the ones who grow the most.

The purpose of our session at School of the Spirit is to take a Spiritual Health Check.  We will be preparing for a summer devotional process that has been designed to help us grow spiritually.  You can download … Read More...

Revival for the Church

In January 2016 the Lord gave me a prophetic word for our church:

Revival begins with Family
Revival begins in Family
Revival is coming in our Family
Revival will come as we build our Family
Revival will flow from Family
Revival is for us to enjoy
Revival is for us to share
Revival for our town is God’s ultimate purpose…