Facilitation Skills 101

How do you manage a healthy discussion without dominating it? I find this a common challenge for me personally as I’m someone who loves to talk and always thinks he has the right answers! (I know none of you other leaders have this challenge!)

Here are a couple of thoughts that help me. They may help you … Read More...

Praying For Each Other

Prayer is, or should be, central to every lifegroup. Prayer is how we can literally bring heaven to earth. That is what Jesus taught so shouldn’t we believe it and act on it?!

I’m certain each of you is praying for your lifegroup members. In this close-knit fellowship you have huge opportunity to pursue breakthrough in all areas of life … Read More...

Build Real Friendships

What causes friendships to go “deep”?

I read an article recently that highlighted different ways we can use as lifegroup leaders to develop a depth to the friendships within the group. I’m sure you’re all doing life together filled with fun, friendship and fellowship. The article I’ve provided a link to gives us all a simple reminder of those basic … Read More...

Weather Bomb In Church

Church was crazy on Sunday!

I would never have imagined a weather bomb exploding like that inside our church building!
As I prepared my message titled “See God.  Know God.” I certainly spent time praying and asking the Lord to demonstrate His Power.  I expected this to look like healing and freedom as the Holy Spirit ministered to people after … Read More...