Advent Devotional Day 16 – Joy In Adversity

James 1:2-4
Romans 12:12
Acts 16:16,40,18-27,17,29-39,28

One day, a baker approached a Jewish Rabbi and asked, “Rabbi, people often compliment me on my work. They tell me I’m such a wonderful baker, that they love my bread, that no one bakes bread like me. And I appreciate their praise. But if they came to me all the time … Read More...

Advent Devotional Day 15 – Joy In Sacrifice

John 15:9-13

Christmas is often characterized as the “season of giving.” We pick out an item (or gift card) that we think a person will enjoy most, wrap it in bright paper (or a brightly coloured envelope), and hope that the gift will elicit a smile. Or maybe we just give out of obligation, not even expecting the … Read More...

Advent Devotional Day 14 – Jesus Didn’t Just Come To Die

John 11

The life of Jesus wasn’t only about His death.

Often, I feel we give a lot of emphasis in our study of Jesus to when He first came into the world, and then when He died for our sins. These are extraordinary and important things to emphasize, but the way Jesus lived is also incredibly important … Read More...

Advent Devotional Day 13 – Joy from The Gift

John 6:8,1,3-7,2,9-15
2 Corinthians 2:7

“Tis more blessed to give than receive.”

That’s a phrase that is heard a lot around Christmas time. It reflects the reality of joy that comes from being generous like God, and putting others before yourself. One of the best stories in the Gospels that capture this reality is the feeding of the … Read More...

Advent Devotional Day 12 – A Liberation Carol

Luke 1:41,26,55,54,53,52,51,50,49,48,47,37-40,46,42-45,27,56,35,34,33,36,31,30,29,28,32

One of my favourite Christmas carols is O Come, O Come, Emmanuel. So many of the other Christmas songs seem like they’re all about the fluff and glitter of Christmas, and miss the true meaning and significance of the season.

Christmas is about more than bells, decked halls, reindeer, and a fat man giving out presents. … Read More...

Advent Devotional Day 11 – You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me!

John 1:10, 1, 3-9, 2, 11-18

A good joke always consists of a setup that takes you in one direction and concludes with a punch line that disorients you and leaves you rolling on the floor in laughter.

One of my favorite descriptions of the incarnation, (which is a fancy way of saying that God came to earth … Read More...

Advent Devotional Day 10 – No Joy Without Sorrow

John 16:20-22
Hebrews 12:1-2

There is deep irony in the way our culture celebrates Christmas. Even the words we use, like “good cheer,” the “season of Christmas,” and being “merry and bright” are a striking contrast to the frustration experienced at the first Christmas. Imagine being a young peasant girl, pregnant in an impossible way on a journey … Read More...

Advent Devotional Day 9 – Putting P.E.A.C.E Together

Hebrews 10:23-25

In my opinion, the number one toy of all time is Legos™.

There are endless possibilities of what you can build. Countless hours of creating. Not to mention the opportunity to work together on a project and bring it to completion.

Legos™ are incredible, but one thing about Legos™ is that by themselves they are utterly … Read More...

Advent Devotional Day 8 – Entrust In What Matters

Isaiah 9:6-7
Ephesians 2:11-22

The interesting thing about faith is that what you have faith in is much more important than the amount of faith that you have.

Take flying for example. It doesn’t matter if you have just enough faith to get your butt on the plane. If you have only enough faith in the pilot and … Read More...

Advent Devotional Day 7 – Cooperation Is Better Together


Coach John Wooden says, “Team spirit means you are willing to sacrifice personal considerations for the welfare of all. That defines a team player.”

Cooperation with other people can be difficult, but the sacrifice to work with others is always worth the cost. This is true because we’re always able to do more together than we … Read More...