Our Church History

Our story is one of a gracious God using ordinary people to take the message of the good news of Jesus Christ to Te Awamutu and surrounding areas.

North End Church was established in Te Awamutu in 1985 and was originally called Rosetown Community Church. We are part of ACTS Churches NZ, an Apostolic denomination that was birthed in Wales in the 1904-1905 Welsh revival. Our heritage comes from this revival where believers were passionate about the message of Jesus, were filled with the Holy Spirit and launched out into the world to spread God’s love. That’s who we aim to be today.

In 1985 Pastor Brian and Hannah Tamaki came from Tokoroa carrying a vision to establish an Apostolic Church in Te Awamutu.  They held church meetings in various local venues and the church grew rapidly.  Our current church facilities were built in 1988 to serve the church and the local community and the Rosetown Counselling Centre was opened in 1993.

In 2002, with a conviction God was redirecting their path of ministry, Pastor Andrew and Judy Vossen were invited to lead the church.  They moved from Taranaki where they had spent 10 years establishing churches.  Together with their children Nadia and Josh, they led the church through many seasons of change and growth.  Several Community ministries were established as the church sought to serve the needs of the local community.

In 2015 Phil and Kathy Strong were invited to lead the church into the next season.  With a background in leadership and business, Phil relocated his family from Hamilton with a desire to see the continuation of the promises God has spoken from the early beginning of North End Church.

“Walking Forward Together”

God’s promises continue across the generations and we are excited to see them develop further as we walk with in partnership with Him.

Our Global Focus ministry will continue to partner with church planting in Indonesia and ministry support in India and Mexico.  Our Community Connextion ministry continues to work locally to meet local needs and share God’s love, as that is how we believe the Kingdom of God will be established in Te Awamutu.  We have great ministries that serve the family unit, from young kids, youth and Men’s and Women’s ministries which we feel has aided us in building a healthy church.

As one of our founding Elders Mr Roger Peake used to say;

“So we continue on…”